A couple or two prestigious awards were again bagged by the most hardworking Sangguniang Bayan (SB) Members of this municipality.

In the recently concluded Local Legislative Award for the term 2018-2022, SB Santol bested other competing 4th – 6th class municipalities category by championing the search at the provincial level and a regional nominee.

At the regional level, Santol SB was the 2nd runner-up in the Search for the 2023 Local Legislative Award, 4th-6th class municipalities category.

A lady legislator of the municipality was a recipient of this plaque in sincere recognition of her exemplary performance by crafting responsive legislative measures on beautification, health, Sanitation, population control, social services, women and family welfare.

All of these were fruits of hard work. The Sangguniang Bayan “exemplified high-level performance, dedication and commitment. It has been very responsive to its mandate advancing transformative local governance by enacting meaningful and genuine local legislations and promoting the welfare and development of its constituents.”

The plaques of recognition received by the municipality of Santol through the Sangguniang Bayan were sealed and confirmed by the DILG Provincial/Regional Offices, the President of the Councilor’s League, and the President, Vice Mayor’s League, La Union Chapters.