Barangay Lettac Norte

Lettac Norte is located South of Poblacion across the Maluyo River. It is the twin sister of Lettac Sur from that historic stone in the middle of the Maluyo River breaking into two.

The Barangay is composed of 5 sitios comprising 977 hectares with a population of 821. Sitios include: CadanglaanLipayPayaoRagup and Payas. The barangay has no school yet so children have to walk several kilometers to reach Corro-oy Elementary School in Corro-oy and santol Elementartry School at Poblacion.

Cadanglaan was called because of the abundant shrubs in the place called dangla. It is a very powerful cure for dreadful fever called: pasma:. Once there was a sitio called Tarangutong which means a long pile of stone built across often built streams for stopping of water to accumulate for irrigation of for fishing. Officials of Balaoan led the work of putting up dike of lime and stone and succeeded in making a good irrigation project. Sometime, the lace was called “Cavite” but the name Tarangutong Stuck. The place hold the Osias Dam irrigating several hectares or ricefield in Balaoan, La Union.

Also, the sitio Payas we go at its name from its marshy terrain. Others say it because of the deep “paya” or canals constructed by the people as branches of the irrigation system from Tarangutong.

Another interesting place is Lipay whose name was taken from the smooth seeds found in the place used for the common game of the same name.

Ragup means communal ownership. The people seldom work on their own but rather to do it in a manner of “ragup” (as a group), hence, the name Ragup.

There is no official record as to then Lettac Norte was founded but tradition says that is already established even before the Spanish settlement. The original inhabitants are rich non ‐ Christian people.

During the Japanese period, Cadanglaan was made the training center and headquarters of guerrillas. During Japanese hopping operations, houses in nigay wers burned.

At present, a concrete roads lead to Cadanglaan where a barangay hall complete with a basketball court, a day care center, and a barangay clinic are situated. The barangay is a recipient of various community and emergency assistance like the CIDDS. In order to protect the properties along the Maluyo River which had been claiming properties along its river in the river banks, flood control dikes had been established for the past years. With restores peace and order in the area, the barangay hopes to be able to keep abreast with the development its neighbouring barangays.

Punong Barangay

Mario R. Directo

Barangay Kagawad

Jaime V. Acosta
Alfredo O. Camat
Joselito R. Directo
Arsenio D. Amadeo
Monaliza D. Agtarap
Lito J. Obra
Eleno R. Directo Jr.

SK Chairman

Jomar N. Badua