Barangay Lettac Sur

LETTAC SUR lies about 7 kms. East of the Poblacion comprising an area of 986 hectares spread over its 5 sitios namely: Malanas ( este & proper), Banbanaba, Topinao, Makalakal, Tammogong and Nagoy-oy. As of 1995, total population is 054.

It was established as early as 1086, originally inhabited by igorots. As years passed by, more and more Christians came pushing the igorots up and up. The few who remained intermarried with the Christians. The names tayaw, tibbug, and lalis are remembered as the first who develop the barrio.

Lettac Sur came from the word “bimtac or break“. Years ago, there was a round stone found in the middle of the Maluyo River. Due to the hotness of the sun and too much moisture inside, the stone broke and was nicely devided into two north and south. Lettac was used to “bimtac“, Lettac sur the place south of the stone and Lettac Norte the north side of the stone.

Banbanaba is famous for its “balay Anito” which means house of unseen friends of “Anitos“. It is a very deep water called “ban ‐ aw” about 20 meters deep with side so steep one has to cling to the exposed roots of trees along the precipice in order to get down. It is believed that there is a sirena at the bottom, where the anitos are. Sometimes it roars like an angry lion or vawesfollowed by a great wind. There is the story of a boy who got sick because he thought he saw the sirena with blond hairs sitting on a stone beside the ban ‐ aw. The woman in reality was “Janice”, an American visitor who liked to divide alone at the ban ‐ aw.

Nagoy ‐ oy was sometime depopulated because of Japanese Imperial Forces brutality. The people went away and never returned. It was just recently that people started setting there again. In the local dialect, “nagoy” ‐ oy means something hanging. During the early times, the place was filled with hanging vines, hence, the name Nagoy ‐ oy.

Lettac sur has progressed well since it was established. Roads were opened and continued to be widened and difficult portion concreted. Public buildings like barangay hall, multi ‐ purpose pavement/plaza, health center, day care center are already in place. It is also the first mountain barangay to be installed power supply.

Like Mangaan, Lettac Sur is vital link to the five mountain barangay during summer time when earth roads are passable by vehicles. On the other side, threats of being cut off from the Poblacion.

Punong Barangay

Lito T. Sacpa

Barangay Kagawad

Lita O. Gorospe
Sonia A. Balanon
Esther S. Opinaldo
Winston L. Oriente
Danilo V. Biscarra
Eufraem C. Dicang
Meniano G. Obillo

SK Chairman

Ace A. Orfiano