Barangay Poblacion

Barangay Poblacion is one of the 11 barangays of the Municipality of Santol. It has a land area of 936 hectares. It has a land area f 936 hectares. It has a population of 1,666 belonging to 385 households. The barangay is composed of 5 sitios namely: Padayao, Central, Lettac, Cabaroan and Central East.

Tradition says that the most recognized and well-known old man named Francisco lived in Lettac. He owns almost the entire area covering the Poblacion. From him, PADAYAO, now called Poblacion was established. Padayao, shortened word for “pammadayaw was given to the first new Christian Tribes who settled in Santol.

As of 2016, total population is 1,630 of diversified origins and culture. The barangay covered an area of 936 hectares which is divided into 5 sitios namely Padayao, Central, Lettac, Cabaroan and Central East.

POBLACION CENTRAL came to be known by the groupings made in certain activities. The part of the origins Padayao east of the Presidencia is what is now called Central. Father east is Nammutingan which the youth often times refer to as Central East. In that place, there is smaller brook that cut or “namursing” into into bigger brook. The place was the “Namursingan” of the smaller brook, hence the name “Namutingan”. Original settlers there immigrated to other places, specially, Mindanao.

BUACAO got its name from the Buacao plants planted by the early inhabitants. Beside it is sitio Lettac which came from the local work “lettac” which means cracks or breakage. It is believed that a great earthquake came to the place and caused a lot of cracks and breaks on the land.

North of Padayao, where the Municipal Cemetery is located llies Manngunay. A place named after the pagan names of the first couple who setteled three-Manganop and Gunaya. After their death in 1890, a Bago tribe settled there named the place MANGGUNAY.

At present, Poblacion is the center of the town. The presidencia Municipal Plaza, Municipal Market. Trading Post, 3-storey Santol Police Station, a 10 bed Community Hospital, and the People’s Park are under construction by the Municipal Government which is expected to boost the development of the barangay and the municipal as well.

The Tree Park and Pavillion stragically located 200-meters away from the town proper. It was designed to hold 2,001 trees of different sort and varieties upon completion. And if you happen to come and yearn for a communion with God (and nature), the tree Park Pavillion can also cater spiritual gathering and activities. Guest rooms and dormitories will be available soon for those who opt to stay (comfortably) and others may opt-to set up camps to enjoy the scenery and view the vast skies.

The barangay hall is located beside the Public Market along the Provincial Road. To serve agricultural and social gatherings purposes, multi-purpose pavements are located in the different sitios complete with a basketball court. There is also a significant increase in residential development and construction in the area.


Punong Barangay

Arolanston F. Navaera

Barangay Kagawad

Eduardo L. Oriente
Nestor O. Ordoño
Corazon O. Arellano
Wilson O. Oriente
Rey D. Gonzalo
Arnel D. Laureta
Opremiano O. Bautista

SK Chairman

Rahna N. Oriente