Barangay Puguil

The barangay lies some 15 kms. From the Poblacion. It could be reached by foot through the Pacpaco. Ticab or Bilagan routes. It is the largest barangay of the town in terms of land area comprising 11 sitios. Its sitios include Bago, Binatadan, Tarungan, Bilagan, Deccan, Liguay, Maggew, Bangkudo, Nayba, Tayyan, and Taquilong.

Liguay, the barangay proper got its name from a tree that grows in the place called “diguay“. It is also told that during the Spanish-American war, an American named the place “Big Way Barrio”. It was during the American occupation that a school was opened and was Biguay. In its early history, a Captain ruled who chose 10 old men to set as law making body. As its population grew, sitios were named with the approval of the peple in the group and Biguay was changed to Liguay.

Bilagan is the northernmost sitio and is 4 kms. From the Poblacion it means “drying place”. Nears near the place is niog which was named because of a tall coconut tree that stood in the middle of the place but did never bore fruit. From then on, upon the order of an old man, the people did not plant coconut tree. Deccan sits higher than they other sitio of the barangay. Deccan is a tree that bears sweet fruit tasting like chicos. It’s old though that the fruit appears on the trunk of the tree. Likewise, Maggew got its name from the tree abundant in a place by they same name. Another sitio called Pacda was ruled by a very loving, kind leader named Pacada. He was wel‐loved by the people. When he died, the people called the place Pacda is hics honor.

When katipuneros reached this place, the people, were converted to Christianity. They called the place “bago” which means new Christians as the place then were inhabited by new Christians. Taquilong, the first sitio from the south was named during the Spanish period when Spaniard saw what the people are doing there, in the middle of the place was a big hallow wood for pounding rice. Taquilong means pounding palay.

Today Puguil is one of the progressive barangay among the mountain barangay in the municipality. Almost all sitios are connected by earth roads passable during summer season. In Liguay lies to complete elementary school, a day care center, a barangay hall with a newly constructed multipurpose pavement often used for dying and a venue of basketball games. Beautiful spots in the place include the “swimming pool” and “lipit” in Bilagan (beautiful deep bodies of water good for picnics) and the burial cave at Maggew.


Punong Barangay

Nolie A. Laigo

Barangay Kagawad

Cleofe S. Alfonso
Eva A. Capaoay
Ricardo B. Tagaban
Rolly S. Ordanza
Doming Q. Castro
Tomas B. Martin
Randy T. Dangle

SK Chairman

Ramel M. Songduan