Barangay Ramot

Long ago, the place was a jungle. Big and tall trees thrived with big roots and long roots artistically interfaced above the ground, hence the name “Ramot” which means roots.

There were for original families as settlers when it was established in 1908. Now now it has a total population of 635 with five sitios spread in 975 hectares area. Sitios include Laya Balay Udang, Ramot Proper, Cambal and Litang.

Once a popular settlement, but has now vanished, the place called Natingnin was generally cool throughout the year specially at night. Mosquitoes thrived at the place and people always get sick because of malaria. Those survive left the place. The same hold is true with Ticon. Small red birds, the size of the foot thumb that sings a very high note other birds could not follow abound the place. They are believed to be harbingers of sickness. Once it enters a house, the family lives dies.

At present, Ramot have a multi-grade and incomplete primary school (grade 1 and two only) and have 1 teacher, a barangay hall with a multipurpose pavement, a day care center and a barangay health clinic.


Punong Barangay

Aniceto C. Esteban

Barangay Kagawad

Colas S. Budoy
Sammy J. Alfonso
Reynaldo J. Simon
Myrna P. Paing
Jose O. Cario
Mateo C. Dum-Ayan Jr.
Jun G. Luis

SK Chairman

Mike L. Bondot