Barangay Sapdaan

Sapdaan was formerly a sitio of Sasaba which became a regular barangay in 1972. “Sapda” means to land. In the place, a wide river is the principal landing place of fished from small rivers hence the name “Sapdaan“.

The barangay is so high, visitors often say that once you are there, you only need a 2.50 peso fare and it’s “langit” or heaven. The place is cold like Baguio City and fogs could be seen enveloping the area specially at dawn and in the afternoon. Due to its steep and rocky terrain, no vehicles could enter the place and is only reached by poor from barangay Sasaba. It has a total population of sharing a 1,206 hectares spread 5 sitios named: Sapdaan Proper, Ballat, Saep, Mangga and Sagingsing.

Due to its great distance, only a few of the residents narrowed down to the barangay officials and the younger ones go down for their needs at the Poblacion.

At present, a primary school and a day care center serve the educational needs of the residents. They also have a barangay hall where barangay affairs are conducted.


Punong Barangay

Francisco D. Banasan

Barangay Kagawad

Ana A. Bendozan
Nomer T. Sacpa
Ben C. Taima
Domingo S. Cosep
Ronaldo A. Lunes
Benita A. Buyaan
Ricardo D. Sacla

SK Chairman

Maryrose A. Kaleng