Barangay Tubaday

Barangay Tubaday was established in 1815. It lies in the northeastern part of Santol. The first inhabitants were eata negritos and now igorots. It was a restrict practice of the residents to obey their head or else suffer a serve punishment.

The first seat of government was established at Tubaday proper with Licay Camilot as the President. After the Spanish American War, the presedencia was transferred at Padayao which is now called Poblacion.

Barangay Tubaday lies 18 kms. From the Poblacion and is reached by vehicles during summer time. It has 7 sitios covering an area of 1,032 hectares shared by 596 residents. The sitios include Batang, Tubaday Proper, Inasan, Pisnadan, Pacawan and Manaba.

At present, there is a primary school at Pisnadan and Tubaday Proper. The barangay hall is situated at Sitio Pisnadan with multipurpose pavement which is often used for barangay affairs. It has a barangay hall branch at Tubaday proper. A day care center also serve the educational needs of the younger kids.

Inasan is a beautiful place for those who are interested in hiking and picnics. The descending path gives perfect view of the wide Amburayan River in contrast with the lush greenery of the surrounding.



Punong Barangay

Alfredo J. Apio-en

Barangay Kagawad

Johnny S. Sadao
Alito J. Jose
Fred T. Subli
Melindo J. Baludda
Feliciano A. Sadaken
Labasen L. Batanes
ODanny A. Diw-ayan

SK Chairman

Norton S. Buyao