Brief Description:
            Sasaba Rice Terraces can be viewed at Barangay Ramot but it is located in Barangay Sasaba. It can be best viewed in the Tramline located in Barangay Ramot. Sasaba Rice Terraces fascinating view curved out in the area of Sitio Bacayawan, Tico, Gambang and Putrido.
Activities:                   hiking, sightseeing, picnicking
Contact Details:         072-6030154 or 09383258515
Address:                      Sasaba, Santol, La Union
Distance from Municipal Plaza: 9.6kms                              
How to get there:
                        Motorcycle (Single Motor)                                      
                        Regular Fare: Min. 300.00
Refreshments:            Supermarkets and food house are available in the town proper.
Accommodation:       Santol Pavilion located the Town Proper


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